Rommer Plate Set - Cinnamon/Nude

Plate Set - Cinnamon/Nude

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Make meal times stylish with our premium silicone dinnerware.

These plates are a must-have for the modern family. Featuring an anti slip base, they're sturdy, durable, microwave safe and so so so  good looking. They wont break if dropped so you can ensure you'll be using and loving these for years to come.

Featuring - 2 x plates

100% premium lfgb silicone

Non toxic

Bpa and phthalates free

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Anti slip



Wash thoroughly before first use. 

Care Instructions:

We recommend hand washing for product longevity but we know you’re busy parents! If you prefer using the dishwasher then here’s some tips to help ensure your items come out looking fab.

While silicone is an amazing material for tableware and cooking utensils, it’s common that it can come out of the dishwasher looking a little drab.

General oils can circulate through the dishwasher during the cycle and stick to the silicone. If you’re noticing white, chalky marks then follow these steps to help eliminate or reduce.

Perform a ‘bake’ on your dinnerware to remove any residue that may be attracting these oils and causing white marks.

That’s right. Your whole dinner set is oven safe.

1. Heat oven to 160 degrees celsius.
2. Place all items on the oven rack and bake for 20 minutes.
3. Carefully remove items using hand protection/tongs and place in a sink with clean warm soapy water. Remember these items may be hot to touch so take care in waiting till you can handle them before continuing.
4. With a non-scratch scourer gently wash the items removing any residue that may be attracting these oils.
5. Rinse in clean water and dry.

Last tip.. we've found that a dishwashing gel works better than a tablet when caring for your silicone.